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Protector of plagues. Quite an actual theme ;) St Sebastian as one of the oldest saint figures, is among other things a synthesis of Apollo, the archer god of romans and greeks, who shoots arrows to destroy enemies, and is also a protector of plagues. His importance and cult increased in the middle ages with the various pestilence events. 

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Dual Skull

This drawing is made entirely of little lines all in the same direction, around 45° left. It's been inspired by Impressionism, where the feel is rather channeled by the technique than the subject. But the question of wether this is one entity or two, makes it a powerful subject as well.

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St Jordi

St Jordi / St George riding his horse as the champion of rightfulness over evil. As St Jordi is celebrated in Catalonia with roses and books, as a Valentine’s Day, his horse is depicted in my version with subtle details of hearts.

Pandora’s box

…The myth of Pandora’s box is as old as 700 bc and originates in Greece. It tells the story of an artifact which goddess Pandora was supposed to guard but not open. But she was too curious and had a cheeky look, which released physical and emotional curses upon mankind. I added some anachronistic details to the box that relate to medieval imagery: the Dead dance, also known as Danse Macabre, which is an allegorical concept of the all-conquering and equalizing power of death over mankind.


Illustrations with Ink


One of the oldest names of Saints, Pancras comes from a greek name, and means "the one that holds everything". It's often represented as a warrior, and looking very young. Here is depicted as a skeleton inspired by a relic in a southern german baroque church. This artwork was made during the Lockdown, since he is also supposed to bring luck to Business.

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Also an old one, this Lady was unstoppable, and her story is one of Willpower and Strength. Since her name comes from Lux, she is supposed to be the bearer of Light and patron of the blind, That's why she is depicted with blank eyes and an Iris on her hand, as she is able to bring vision. The Palm leaves is a symbol of her martyrdom.

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Who doesn't know by now how a Plague doctor looks? In the dark ages of the bubonic plague in europe, this was the outfit of the physicians who treated the sick, regardless of their status, but charging a fee. Their weird bird mask was somehow an air filter, as it was filled with aromatics like lavender and roses, since believed that bad smell carried diseases.

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spotify playlists

X-tra long playlists for Tattoo Sessions (or anything you like)

Around 5hs of music, going cross genres, but mainly on the same vibe. I've been curating playlists over 10 years now, and I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of them with you that are long enough to cover the average long tattoo session where music is always a struggle. It's purely a project for the love of music, discovery of new bands and genres. To me, it also guarantees good conversation during the tattoo session... Hope you enjoy. Peace xxx